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M.A.P. Project

The Musical Anthology of Poetry, or M.A.P. Project seeks to wed the contemporary verse of living poets with the modern sounds and tools of pop music to create a new folk sound and songbook that can be used in schools to teach music performance techniques and theory while increasing vocabulary and cultivating lyricism and expression. The M.A.P. songbook provides a vehicle for students to engage with modern issues, topics and current events.

Partnering with poets from all over the nation – hence the Map aspect – Miss Ball creates musical forms from the verses of our modern voices – with an emphasis, but not an exclusivity, of women writers and poets.

Any poets interested in learning more or contributing verse – or to submit a poet for consideration, please contact Laura here:

The first volume of songs will be debuted by the Cooper School in collaboration with the UNED!TED Concert Series in the Spring of 2018.